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Rabuck Detailing's newest addition.

Rabuck Detailing

Feb 13, 2023

Meet our new Mobile Fleet Unit.

Rabuck Detailing is thrilled to introduce our newest addition to our mobile fleet unit – van 35. As one of the leading detailing service providers, we strive to offer our clients the best possible service and convenience. Therefore, we took the initiative to expand our mobile detailing operation to cater to the growing demand for our services. Our team carefully designed and outfitted the new vehicle in-house to ensure it meets the needs of both our team and clients. One of the most significant upgrades to van 35 is its water and electrical supply capabilities. With five hundred gallons of fresh water and onboard power plants, we no longer require an outside water and electrical supply, which makes our operation have less impact on your daily life. We've designed this vehicle primarily to cater to commercial motor vehicle fleets, but it's also more than capable of performing detailing on residential vehicles.

We want to thank each staff member that had a hand in creating van 35 and our tremendous guests who help us continue to broaden our services. At Rabuck Detailing, we're committed to providing exceptional service and quality workmanship. With this new addition to our fleet, we know we'll exceed expectations.

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