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Ceramic Coating

We offer the highest quality of professional detailing services, including ceramic coatings that provide unparalleled protection for your vehicle's painted surface. We use ceramics specifically engineered to protect against harmful UV rays, hard water spots, road salt, brake dust, rail dust, fuel stains and more. Experience the ultimate protection for 3, 5 and 7 years with Rabuck Detailing today.

Ceramic Coating | Madison, WI | Rabuck Detailing


When the time comes to select an installer for a ceramic coating, it's paramount to locate a trustworthy team. This is why we initiate a one-on-one meeting between our staff and new clients. This step is critical in the protective coating process, where we'll thoroughly explain what a ceramic coating is and how it's installed. We're dedicated to ensuring you feel confident in your choice, we'll devote our time to addressing any questions or concerns you may have during this consultation.

After you have scheduled an installation date, we will place a special order for the ceramic coating that is specifically designed for your vehicle type. Usually, it takes about a week to allow the coating and any accompanying gifts to arrive on time for your inspection wash. We take pride in providing you with top-notch service and ensuring that everything is in place for your ultimate satisfaction.


Madison, WI Ceramic Coating | Rabuck Detailing

 Installation of ceramic coatings can vary from vehicle to vehicle. Most vehicles will begin with a phosphate-free foam cannon and ultra-soft microfiber mitt wash. A decontamination wash begins next removing fallout from your vehicle's painted surface. The decontamination wash creates a deep purple reaction. 

 Claying and paint correction are vital steps for the awe-inspiring results of a ceramic coating. Residual fallout from the decontamination wash in the vehicle's painted surface is removed with a clay bar. Swirling and surface scratching located in the vehicle's clear coat is removed during our paint correction step. The final step before the application is paint preparation where removing polishes and compounds from the exterior of the vehicle to ensure the ceramic coating may chemically bond to your vehicle's clear coat. 

 The ceramic coating is applied to a microfiber applicator pad and hand-applied to the vehicle's desired surface in a cross-hatching motion. Once ceramic beading has begun, excess ceramic is hand-buffed from the surface of the vehicle. Resulting in a high gloss shine. 

Ceramic Coating | Sun Prairie, WI | Rabuck Detailing

Inspection Wash

 Once your application is complete, we kindly request that all ceramic coating guests return to our location for an inspection wash, which is a complimentary service we offer. During this meticulous process, we will thoroughly examine your freshly coated vehicle to guarantee that all areas of application have been properly set and adhered to your vehicle's surface devoid of any imperfections.

As we undergo the inspection wash, one of our expert team members will assist you in properly caring for your newly applied coating and maintenance kit. This personalized guidance will guarantee that you achieve the best possible performance from your investment.

Ceramic Coating Madison

Post-installation care

 While ceramic coatings are extremely robust and durable they are not indestructible. To ensure you unlock the full potential of your newly installed ceramic coating we've compiled a few tips for best prolonged performance. 

 Hand washing your vehicle is always a far superior option when compared to conventional car washes. Most tunnel car washes can oftentimes use harsh soaps of 0.3 pH to 13.5 pH in comparison Rabuck Detailing utilizes a safe 7.5 pH soap. Harsh soaps can negatively impact your newly installed ceramic coating extremely fast. Regardless of harsh chemicals and abrasive cleaning brushes found in tunnel washes hand washing your vehicle allows you to inspect for any imperfections on your vehicle surface before they amount to costly repairs. 


 When hand washing your vehicle Rabuck Detailing recommends washing in a garage or location out of direct sunlight. Washing in direct sunlight allows for chemical solutions and hard water to dry quickly resulting in unsightly water spots and stains that can be difficult to remove.  While washing avoid harsh tools such as brushes or bath towels and instead use a soft clean microfiber mitt or microfiber cloth. When drying Rabuck Detailing recommends using compressed air or a simple leaf blower. This will decrease the risk of scratching or damaging your ceramic coating. It's best practice to finish off with your ceramic coating enhancer supplied to you during your inspection wash. Your enhancer can be sprayed directly on the coated surface and lightly hand-buffed with a fresh microfiber cloth.

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