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Interior Detailing

Interior detailing is the process of deep cleaning, sanitizing and conditioning the interior components of a vehicle. Our service includes steam cleaning, vacuuming, shampooing and conditioning of interior surfaces. We also provide a thorough detailing of interior panels, trims, and other surfaces, leaving your vehicle looking like new.

Truck deep cleaning | Rabuck Detailing

Initial Analysis

 The process for any interior detailing begins at the time of booking request. Whether you book online or by phone our trained staff begin analyzing customer areas of concern and prior projects of similar vehicle make, model, and years. This process allows Rabuck Detailing to hand-select products and equipment for the highest quality outcome.

 Once your vehicle is in our care, Rabuck Detailing begins the visual inspection of your vehicle. At this point, we compare guest areas of concern with any potential areas that may require additional attention than previously expected.  

Car vacuuming | Rabuck Detailing

Debris Removal

Belongings normally stowed in glove boxes, center consoles and auxiliary compartments are carefully removed and placed in a designated holding area to ensure loss and damage remain minimal. We ask if guests have sensitive items such as prescription medication, jewelry, weapons, etc. to remove them prior to their visit. 

Once belongings have been removed, the removal of loose debris begins. Debris larger than an inch in diameter are removed by hand from areas such as the floor, cup holders, door pockets and under seats.  

Interior Detailing | Rabuck Detailing | Madison, WI

Blowout & Vacuuming 

A variety of tools such as the TORNADOR® utilize compressed air and interior-safe bio-enzymatic cleaning solution to blow out debris that accumulates deep inside the crevasses of your vehicle's interior. 

Vacuuming is the perfect way to keep your interior looking like new. Our commercial-grade vacuum is designed to quickly remove sand, dirt, and other matter from vinyl and cloth materials, leaving your interior looking pristine. Not only will your interior look cleaner, but it will also feel and smell fresher.

Cup holders and similar compartments are certainly not forgotten at this stage and receive the same treatment.

Car shampooing | Madison, WI | Rabuck Detailing

Extraction & Power Scrub

 Cloth seats, carpets and other cloth materials are extracted with the use of a Therminator DV12. The DV12 heats water temperatures to 175° F with a water lift of 165" combined with fabric-safe deodorizing cleaner dirt, grime and grease don't stand a chance.

 Our power scrubbing service is the perfect way to get your vehicle's interior upholstery looking like new. With the use of a soft-bristled nylon brush that rotates at 1,500 RPM, we can effectively clean deep into the fabric fibers, removing dirt and grime that traditional cleaning can't reach.

 Headliners and other fabrics installed with the sole use of adhesive are not cleaned with the extraction or power scrub method as the risk of damage is high. Instead, headliner-safe cleaning solutions are used by hand. leaving your headliner with a fresh lemon scent.

Truck steam cleaning | Madison, WI | Rabuck Detailing

Steam Cleaning

 Steam cleaning is a powerful way to keep your car's interior clean and odor-free. Hot steam reaching 221° F penetrates deep into the fabric and cracks of your car's interior, killing germs and bacteria on contact. It is a safe and natural way to sanitize your interior without the use of harsh chemicals.

 Bacteria enters your vehicle through skin, sweat, food spills and normal use oftentimes resulting in unpleasant odors and stains. According to a 2014 study Staphylococcus was found to be the dominant genera across locations sampled.

Car stain protection | Rabuck Detailing | Madison, WI

Dressing & Protectants

 Vinyl and plastics are finished with an interior-safe dressing resulting in a rich, satin gloss finish. Unlike other store-bought interior dressings, there is no need to worry of oily or greasy residue left behind.

 On select packages fabric and leather coatings are applied providing superior protection for your vehicle's interior and give your car a new, clean look. We apply a specialized coating that bonds to each fiber of the fabric and leather, repelling liquids and protecting against spills and stains. This coating is designed to make clean-up a breeze and keep your vehicle looking fresh and new.

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