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SUV & Van Detailing

 Welcome to Rabuck Detailing, where we provide two exceptional interior detailing packages that will leave your SUV or Van looking fresh and vibrant for an extended period. Our standard package offers a classic interior detailing service that caters to a broad range of concerns. For those seeking a more long-lasting solution, our Deluxe package is the perfect choice. Our hydrophobic coatings are applied to cloth, leather, and vinyl surfaces to protect against stains and tough messes. Opting for our Deluxe package also qualifies you for discounted maintenance washes. Trust Rabuck Detailing to provide top-notch interior detailing that will make your vehicle look and feel brand new for a long time.

Interior SUV/ Van Detailing

We offer two exceptional interior detailing packages to leave your SUV or Van looking fresh.


Our standard package offers classic interior detailing service. While our Deluxe package provides a deeper clean and leverages hydrophobic coatings to protect against stains and messes.

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Exterior SUV/ Van Detailing

Many of us have experienced swirling in our SUV's paint, which results in a dull surface.


Our one-step paint enhancement process is designed to remove a small layer of clear coat, leaving your SUV with a beautiful, unmatched shine that cannot be achieved with automatic car washes.

Interior & Exterior SUV/ Van Detailing

At Rabuck Detailing, we have two detailing packages for SUVs and vans. The Standard package cleans both the interior and exterior. The Deluxe package has extra coatings for busy parents with children and pets.


Deluxe package customers get regular maintenance detailing at a discount.

SUV/ Van Ceramic Coating

Rabuck Detailing offers top-quality ceramic coatings for SUVs and vans, using Owners Pride ceramic coatings for unbeatable protection and shine. Our ceramic coating packages include Weekender (3-year), Premier (5-year), and Executive (7-year) with unique features for ongoing care. We apply the coatings to your vehicle's exterior paint, glass, plastic, and rims, providing great value and safeguarding.

SUV/ Van Undercoating

Winter and summer weather in Wisconsin can cause rust buildup on SUV undercarriages, leading to costly repairs. However, WoolWax undercoatings provide a solution by fighting rust at its source with a fluid membrane that repels moisture and air, even in inaccessible areas.

  • Protect your SUV's undercarriage with our premium undercoating. Our hi...

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    3 hr

    299 US dollars

SUV/ Van Headlight Restoration

Rabuck Detailing offers professional headlight restoration services for SUVs with fogged, yellowed, or hazed headlights. Our team will restore your headlights to their original condition, improving your SUV's appearance and safety. We apply a UV sealant to provide long-lasting protection.

Mobile SUV/ Van Detailing

Rabuck Detailing offers mobile SUV detailing services at your home or workplace. Our service area includes Sun Prairie, Madison, DeForest, Waunakee, Cottage Grove, and Middleton, WI.

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