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Car Detailing Madison WI | Rabuck Detailing

Car Detailing 

Discover Rabuck Detailing's specialized detailing services, including paint correction, ceramic coating, and interior deep cleaning. Visit our DeForest location or experience the convenience of our mobile services. Trust us to leave your car looking and feeling brand new.

Interior Car Detailing

At Rabuck Detailing, we offer two interior detailing packages. Our standard package is perfect for classic interior detailing, while our Deluxe package provides hydrophobic coatings to protect against stains and tough messes.

Exterior Car Detailing

Wish to give your car a brand-new look? Our one-step paint correction service is the perfect solution for you. Our experts use high-quality products and techniques to remove minor imperfections, scratches, and swirl marks from your car's paint.

This process will give your car a shiny and vibrant appearance. With our one-step paint correction, you can restore the original shine of your car's paint and give it a fresh, showroom-worthy appearance.

Interior & Exterior Car Detailing

We offer two complete detailing packages. Our Interior & Exterior Standard package provides iron decontamination treatment, trunk cleaning, and stain removal. Our Interior & Exterior Deluxe Detailing includes engine bay cleaning, paint enhancement, ceramic sealant, and interior protective coatings. Deluxe customers are automatically enrolled in commitment discounted maintenance detailings.

Most Popular

Car Ceramic Coating

 Looking for the perfect protection for your car? Look no further than Rabuck Detailing! We offer three different ceramic coating packages that are rated to last for 3, 5, or 7 years. We're proud to use Owner's Pride ceramic coatings, which provide superior protection and are easy to maintain. 


 At Rabuck Detailing, we don't just apply ceramic coatings to your car's painted surface. We also apply them to the car's trim, glass, and rim faces, ensuring that your entire car is protected. Our Ceramic Coating guests receive the most value from their visit, including maintenance wash, expert advice, continued discounts, and many more benefits. 


At Rabuck Detailing, we use WoolWax undercoatings made from lanolin to protect your car's undercarriage from rust. Unlike traditional undercoatings, WoolWax's fluid state coating is highly effective in preventing moisture and air from causing rust. It can expand into even the smallest crevices and provide long-lasting protection. Trust Rabuck Detailing to keep your car rust-free with our WoolWax undercoatings.

  • Fluid state protective coating is applied to the undercarriage of your...

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    3 hr

    299 US dollars

Headlight Restoration

Let Rabuck Detailing help you restore your headlights to a brand-new condition. Our specialized process includes wet sanding, machine polishing, and industrial-grade sealant, which removes the haziness and protects your vehicle from oxidation and UV damage. 

Mobile Car Detailing

We offer a mobile detailing service with skilled professionals who come directly to your location. We provide all the necessary equipment, so you don't have to worry about scheduling conflicts or transportation issues. Our service area includes Dane County.

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