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Car Detailing Madison WI | Rabuck Detailing

Car Detailing

 Explore the luxurious detailing services provided by Rabuck Detailing. Our highly skilled team offers an array of specialized detailing services, including paint correction, ceramic coating, and interior deep cleaning, all designed to rejuvenate and protect your vehicle. You can choose to visit our DeForest location, just a short five-minute drive from Madison, WI, or experience the convenience of our mobile detailing services, where we come to you. Trust Rabuck Detailing to leave your car looking and feeling brand new.

Interior Car Detailing

 At Rabuck Detailing, we offer two stand-alone interior detailing packages that will give your vehicle a fresh and rejuvenated look. Our standard package is perfect for those looking for a classic interior detailing service that addresses a wide area of concerns you may have. However, if you want your vehicle to maintain its stunning results for a much longer period of time, our Deluxe package is the ideal choice. Our hydrophobic coatings are applied to the cloth, leather, and vinyl surfaces, working hard to protect against stains and tough messes. Opting for the Deluxe package also makes you eligible for discounted maintenance washes. Choose Rabuck Detailing for a top-notch interior detailing service that will leave your vehicle looking and feeling like new.

Interior & Exterior Car Detailing

 Rabuck Detailing offers exceptional value with two complete interior and exterior detailing packages. Our Interior & Exterior Standard package covers all the essentials and goes beyond our competitors by providing exterior clay treatment, trunk cleaning, and stain removal. For those who want more advanced detailing, our Interior & Exterior Deluxe Detailing is the ultimate choice. This package provides a complete detailing service that includes engine bay cleaning, paint correction, ceramic sealant, and interior protective coatings. Guests who choose our Deluxe package can enjoy regular maintenance detailings at a discounted price.

Car Ceramic Coating

 Looking for the perfect protection for your car? Look no further than Rabuck Detailing! We offer three different ceramic coating packages that are rated to last for 3, 5, or 7 years. We're proud to use Owner's Pride ceramic coatings, which provide superior protection and are easy to maintain. 


 At Rabuck Detailing, we don't just apply ceramic coatings to your car's painted surface. We also apply them to the car's trim, glass, and rim faces, ensuring that your entire car is protected. Our Ceramic Coating guests receive the most value from their visit, including maintenance wash, expert advice, take-home cleaning solutions, continued discounts, and many more benefits. 


 At Rabuck Detailing, we take pride in using the best undercoatings to protect your car from rust. Our WoolWax undercoatings are made from lanolin and are specifically designed to create a thick and durable layer of fluid state membrane that coats your car's undercarriage. This membrane is highly effective in preventing moisture and air from causing rust, which can be a major problem in Wisconsin's harsh winters. Unlike traditional undercoatings that can harden and crack over time, WoolWax's fluid state coating can expand into even the smallest crevices of your car's undercarriage, ensuring complete protection. Trust Rabuck Detailing to provide your car with long-lasting protection against rust with our WoolWax undercoatings.

  • Fluid state protective coating is applied to the undercarriage of your...

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    3 hr

    299 US dollars

Headlight Restoration

 Are you having trouble seeing at night or during bad weather because of your car's fogged and hazy headlights? At Rabuck Detailing, we have a team of experts who can help you regain your clear view by restoring your headlights to a brand-new condition. Our specialized process includes various levels of wet sanding, machine polish, and industrial-grade headlight sealant, which not only removes the haziness but also protects your vehicle from oxidation and UV damage for years to come. Unlike common over-the-counter kits, our method is tailored to your specific needs and guarantees a showroom finish. Don't let cloudy headlights compromise your safety on the road. 

Mobile Car Detailing

 When it comes to keeping your car in pristine condition, regular detailing is a must. But for many car owners, finding the time and means to get their vehicle detailed can be a hassle. Fortunately, Rabuck Detailing offers a convenient solution with our comprehensive mobile detailing service. 


 Our team of experienced professionals will come directly to your home or place of business, so you don't have to worry about scheduling conflicts or transportation issues. When we arrive, we'll bring all the necessary equipment, including water and electricity, to get your car looking its best. 

 Our service area includes Dane County.

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