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Pickup Truck Detailing | Madison, WI | Rabuck Detailing

Pickup Truck Detailing

Whether you're looking for a professional touch-up wash or full-service detailing experience Rabuck Detailing has you covered. Utilizing top-of-the-line detailing products & and equipment coupled with well over a decade of hands-on experience we can offer services and value unmatched by traditional car washes and detailing shops. Our DeForest, WI location offers free amenities such as after-hours pickup and drop off, WIFI access, a comfortable waiting area, and beverages. Rabuck Detailing is also proud to offer complimentary shuttle services to the Madison, DeForest, Windsor, Sun Prairie & and Waunakee areas. For guests requiring even more flexibility, we encourage you to consider our mobile options.

Interior Truck Detailing

 At Rabuck Detailing! we offer two exceptional interior detailing packages that will reinvigorate your truck and make it look and feel as good as new. Our standard package targets a wide range of concerns and fits most guests. However, if you're looking to protect your truck longer, our Deluxe package is the way to go.


Our Deluxe package is the ultimate choice for those who want their truck to look great for an extended period of time. It includes hydrophobic coatings that will protect your cloth, leather, and vinyl surfaces against stains and tough messes. In addition, choosing the Deluxe packages allows guests to elect routine detailings at a discounted rate. 

Interior & Exterior Truck Detailing

 From top to bottom, we’ve got your truck covered. At Rabuck Detailing, we offer comprehensive Interior & Exterior truck detailing packages that are tailored to achieve the results you need. Our standard truck detailing package is a phenomenal option for most guests looking to get their truck looking and feeling new again. Standard packages include clay treatment, carpet scrubbing, bed cleaning, and ceramic sealant. 

 Guests interested in preserving the fresh detailed feeling should consider our Deluxe packages for their unparalleled value. Deluxe packages include one-step paint correction, engine bay cleaning, interior protective coatings, and ceramic sealant. 

Truck Ceramic Coating

 Ceramic coatings are a highly effective method for safeguarding the exterior of your truck. Here at Rabuck Detailing, we offer three distinct levels of ceramic coatings, each designed to provide a range of benefits that will help to keep your vehicle in pristine condition for years to come. Our ceramic coatings are expertly applied to all surfaces of your truck, including but not limited to the painted, plastic, rim, and glass surfaces. We offer three different levels of protection: the Weekender (3-year), Premier (5-year), and Executive (7-year) coatings, each of which offers a unique set of features that are tailored to meet the specific needs of your truck.

  • 3-year ceramic coating applied to your truck's exterior paint, rims, g...

    4 hr

    599 US dollars
  • 5-year ceramic coating applied to your truck's exterior paint, glass, ...

    4 hr

    899 US dollars
  • 7-year ceramic coating expertly applied to your truck's exterior paint...

    4 hr

    1,099 US dollars

Truck Undercoating

 If safeguarding your vehicle against rust is a priority, you may wish to explore our rust-inhibiting undercoating. Our selection includes both clear and black finishes, which can be expertly administered to your truck's undercarriage. At Rabuck Detailing, we exclusively use WoolWax undercoatings, recognized for their exceptional rust-prevention properties. It's important to bear in mind, however, that we do not apply WoolWax to any exhaust, brake, or engine components.

  • Protective coating applied to undercarriage of your truck fighting rus...

    3 hr

    299 US dollars

Truck Headlight Restoration

 Numerous contemporary automobile manufacturers employ polycarbonate in their headlights owing to its sturdiness and clearness. Nevertheless, prolonged exposure to UV rays can cause the headlights to turn yellow and oxidize over time. Apart from being aesthetically unappealing, this can also compromise safety while driving at night or in inclement weather conditions. With Rabuck Detailing's expert headlight restoration services, you can bring your damaged headlights back to their original showroom finish. Our restoration process involves a blend of wet sanding, machine polishing, and UV sealant application, which effectively restores your headlights' clarity and shine.

  • Professional restoration of your truck's yellowed and oxidized headlig...

    1 hr

    75 US dollars

Mobile Truck Detailing

At Rabuck Detailing, we understand that our customers have unique needs when it comes to truck detailing. That's why we offer mobile services that provide flexible options for your convenience. Our team of skilled mobile detailers is equipped with a variety of tools and equipment to handle any task with precision and care. You can sit back and enjoy our expert customer service and breathtaking results from the comfort of your home or workplace, as we don't require any electrical or water hookups to perform our services. Our service area includes Madison, DeForest, Middleton, Sun Prairie, and Cottage Grove, WI.

  • Our state of the art detailing service brought to the comfort of your ...

    4 hr


Enjoy our work?

"Rabuck detailing did a fantastic job on my Jeep. It looked brand new when I picked it up. I will defiantly be back. Brent was great and texted me when my vehicle was ready. I have already told several friends to go to them!"

- Cindy S

Cottage Grove, WI

"We have brought two of our vehicles to Rabuck Detailing now, a newer BMW and an old classic car. The whole staff at Rabucks is great to work with and both vehicles turned out fantastic!"

- Mark F

Madison, WI

“Rabuck Detailing went above and beyond my expectations! They did a fantastic job detailing both the interior and exterior of my vehicle. My vehicle looks like it came right out of the factory thanks to my new ceramic coating!"

 -Brendon M

Madison, WI

"Brent did an excellent job with my van!  He got it very clean and looking brand new.  I will definitely be coming back
to get my van detailed this year!"

-Sarah T

Madison, WI

Highly recommend Rabuck Detailing and Brent who took care of my car! I just picked it up and am very impressed. My 7-year-old car that had crumbs, fingerprints, and dog fur all over inside is immaculate. Even the blue Gatorade stain on my light grey interior is gone. Everything that can sparkle and shine is sparkling and shining. She looks and smells new again. Thank you!

-Jodi B

Madison, WI

"Great service from start to finish! I only needed my headlights touched up rather than a whole detailing and Ray was able to help me select the perfect service for me. Once Brent was done making my headlights shiny and new again, the anxiety of driving at night was finally lifted!! Cannot thank Rabuck Detailing enough for the peace of mind I was given."

-Montana C

DeForest, WI

We have had 3 cars detailed at Rabuck Detailing and have been impressed every time! The last one in particular was a lot of work, and their crew took the time to do it right! Thank you to Ray and crew for your top notch customer service!

-Mike D

Madison, WI

I got the deluxe package for inside and out detail and they did a phenomenal job. Highly recommend!!

-Jared S

Madison, WI

I replaced one of my headlights and the other one was a bit yellowed so it didn't match the factory new headlight. In under 10 mins they polished up my yellowed headlight so much that it looked even cleaner than the brand new one I got.
When it came time to pay for the service it was super reasonable.
It's a breath of fresh air finding a detail shop in the Dane county area that actually puts effort into making your car look good instead of trying to get a paycheck out of you. These guys are the people to go to.

-Dave S

Madison, WI

Great experience! My car had a LOT of dog hair and it looks brand new, like the day I bought it. Everyone was very friendly and helpful. Highly recommend!

-Sara H

Madison, WI

Highly would recommend Rabuck Detailing they were very professional, transparent, and responded quickly to my online inquiry and most of all did a fantastic job detailing my vehicle.

-Kevin R

Madison, WI

The attention to detail was incredible! My car hasn't been this perfect on the inside since the day I purchased it! Highly recommend this company and their quality of service.

-Sarah D

Madison, WI

Rabuck did a fantastic job detailing our van. It looks brand new. Ray and staff were very courteous and efficient. I will highly recommend to my family and friends, and will be returning in the future!

-Chad D

Sun Prairie, WI

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