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WoolWax Undercoating

Rabuck Detailing offers the perfect solution for Wisconsin drivers looking to protect their vehicles from the damaging effects of salt and moisture leading to rust and oxidation. The premium rust inhibitors we use are specifically designed to protect against breakdown from the elements, so your car will stay looking great no matter how harsh the Wisconsin weather gets.

Rabuck Detailing Undercoating


Undercoating comes in a variety of choices. WoolWax is a unique protectant made from lanolin. Derived from sheep's wool this unique blend creates a wet barrier protecting your vehicle's exposed underside from salt, moisture, and oxygen. 

WoolWax undercoating is recommended for reapplication on an annual basis.  Most Rabuck Detailing guests elect to apply in late summer to early fall. 

WoolWax undercoating at Rabuck Detailing


The application process begins with an undercarriage pressure wash, blasting away dirt and grim from the vehicle's frame, under panels, and frame holes. The vehicle is then dried with compressed air. Once drying is complete the undercoating is applied with a specialized air gun fed with compressed air applying WoolWax at a thickness of 5mil. A 12" line that is equipped with a 360° nozzle is used to project undercoating deep within the frame of the vehicle to ensure a healthy application in hard-to-reach areas.  

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